For Sale

wooden construction ca, 3000m2


Wooden truss construction Approx 54×57

Passage height outside 6.20m
Ridge height 10.20m
Width within 2x 20m total 40m
Length 57m
Center-to-center trusses 6.75m

9 frames
Rafters can be cut to size
For example, we can saw off the overhangs on both sides
Overhang on both sides of 7m

Sale price disassembly transport on request

No Walls and roof are removed before sale.


Width: ca, 54 meters
Length: ca, 57 meters
Gutter height: ca, 6,50 meters
Ridge height: ca, 10,50 meters
Total floor area: ca, 3000m²

Wethouder den Oudenstraat 4 - Kantoor 104
5706 ST  Helmond