Trading B.V.

Buying, Selling, Assembly, Disassembly

Trading BV is a broadly oriented company that handles projects not limited to any specific sector or geographic region.

We can be of service for industrial projects both small and large.

Commercial buildings

We are a progressive company and focus mainly on buying and selling used commercial buildings and steel structures. After the purchase we carefully disassemble these buildings and structures on location, and after the sale they are transported to the new location where they are reassembled. Although used buildings and structures is our core business, we also construct new buildings.

Since 1999 we have developed a wealth of experience building used commercial buildings, including industrial halls, trusses, warehouses, barns, Romney huts, variant sheds and complete commercial buildings.

Where possible, we work with a combination of used and new materials. For example, we might combine a used steel structure and roof sheeting with walls made of new wall cladding.

We can adapt all sheds, buildings and structures that we sell to meet the customer's needs, including changing the height, length and width. We make all desired dimensional adjustments in our workshop.


We handle the purchase, sale, disassembly, reassembly and transportation and operate throughout Europe. Shipping or transport outside the EU can also be arranged. This includes machines, forklifts, scaffolding and used building material as well. Because we have contacts in various industries, we can almost always find a suitable buyer for whatever you are selling.


  • Assembly
  • Disassembly
  • Transport & storage
  • Relocation, remodelling and repair

We have construction personnel who work throughout the Benelux and Germany, so we can handle projects from north to south and east to west.

‘Where others stop we go on’

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